1 to 2 months left 

1 to 2 months left

That's what her vet said on Friday.

Farrah has a wound, around the tumor, that is open a little. I have to clean her butt daily, mostly because of runs, apply medication to prevent infection, twice a day; her Prednisone has been reduced to a half a pill, every other day; she's been put back on Flagyl and Immodium for those liquid runs.

She eats on meats now. She's refusing to take her vitamines. She's been put back on glucosomine/chondroiton hard chew treats, four times a day, she's had her wet food, but I had to bake it for her. She seems to like it. She did gain a pound back though. 43.1 up to 44.8, which is good.

Her doctor said that she and her whole staff were amazed at how well she was doing, when she arrived there, but now, after her visit, she's been tired and down. It could be another hump, but I really hate seeing her like this. So, time is really coming to an end for Farrah. A month to two at the most. I hate it. I really hate it.

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