Farrah's Journey - The Beginning 

Farrah's Journey - The Beginning

November 7th, 2005

I can't believe it. The worst day of my life. Farrah has been diagnosed with cancer. Yes. Cancer. It all started a couple of weeks ago. I noticed a bump on her backside. I thought it was nothing, but I watched it.

The next week, it still hasn't gone down. I made an appointment for Farrah for that Friday. Took her in, got her vaccinations and her vet did a Cytology on her, put Farrah on anti-biotics to prevent/treat an infection and told me that she would call on Monday with the results. Well, she called alright. This afternoon and told me. The only thing that I heard was that one dreaded word:


I was scared like you wouldn't believe. She mentioned surgery to remove the mass and they would possibly test it, for a definitive diagnosis. The thing is, it's expensive.

If I don't do the surgery, I'll loose Farrah in six to eleven months. If I do go through with the surgery, she MAY have two plus years. She goes back in three weeks. We'll decided then, what we are going to do.

Farrah is only seven. I can't even be sure if she'll make it to eight.

I'm in shock right now. I've been crying all day. Trying to keep my emotions under control while around Farrah, but it's tough. She's been with me through thick and thin. I wouldn't have been able to deal with Flash's passing if it wasn't for Farrah. Not to mention that I had to put down a new kitten that I got a couple of months ago, because she was terminal as well.

This is completely tearing my heart out. I'm not sure if I'll be able to be strong after her, but yet I must be, for Farrah.

For Farrah

I pray to you God, please help save my baby girl. I love her to much.

Total Vet Costs: $276.04
For Exam, Parvo Virus Vacc., Heart Worm Test, Cytology In House, MiniPanel with CBC, Cephalexin 500mg Cap (her anti-biotic)

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