November 24, 2005 

November 24, 2005


November 24th, 2005

It has been a rough past few days. A couple of days ago, Farrah threw up her breakfast. She ate fine the next day, but now today, she ended up having diarrhea and won't eat much at all. She's also very tired today and her joints are bothering her as well.

I've already sobbed a couple of times today because of her not eating much. I know it's just a bump in the road, but it's still tough. I'm letting her eat what she can and praying. She has gone outside a couple of times and biting a lot, but other then that, she just rests.

She goes to her vet next week, so we'll see then what happens. I know I'm very emotionally worn out, tired and now I've caught my own cold. Plus, dealing with a new puppy in the house, who I try to keep away from Farrah.

Lord, I pray that you give me the strength, because right now I don't have any.

Is it normal to feel like that?

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