A long week 

A long week

Man, what a week this has been! Farrah has had pretty good days this whole week, but it seems like, whenever she gets dog food, she gets nauseous and possibly throws up. She doesn't throw up everytime though.

The same thing happened tonight. I've never thought this would be stressful, but it is. Everyone who has a family member with cancer or a pet with cancer knows the feeling. There are times that I don't even know what to do.

Her brother Gypsy tries to get her to play and most of the time it works. She still gets tired though and it's so hard seeing her like that. I'm use to seeing her running around and having fun. She is still loving her walks though, but I hate to leave her alone for to long.

Plus, this is happening all so quickly. She was just diagnosed last Novermber and it's already January. Time is flying by way to quickly and I wish it would just slow down. I also wish that God would answer my prayers Her last visit, the vet said something that scared me. Before we left, she said that she would see us in a month, which is what I'm used to, but then she added on "unless something happens".

Now, I'm looking for every little sign from Farrah.

Please God. I'm begging you. Answer our prayers and let us have a miracle with Farrah. Please.

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