Coming down to the end - Farrah 

Coming down to the end - Farrah

This is not easy. Farrah is not doing good at all. On Friday night, she threw up five/six times after giving her a Purina "Busy Bone". She would drink right afterward, but then throw up again.

This whole week and weekend, she's been hiding under the side table. She's not as interested in playing, but she still wants to go for her walks. She's almost constantly tired and nauseous for a few hours after eating. She's also had some small amounts of blood in her stool.

I did call her vet, who found nothing in the stool sample that I dropped off on Friday. She said that Farrah was stable, but from what was described to her, she said that we are basically coming down to the end here. Farrah's next visit to the vet is this Friday. The family is actually considering putting her down Friday, depending on how the visit goes.

This cancer is taking her faster then we were even told. It looks like she isn't going to make six months. It's hitting me and my room mate pretty hard. We can't even tell if Farrah is showing us any signs or not.

My heart is breaking in a thousands pieces right now, because I don't want her suffering (I believe that she is now), but I also don't want to let her go, because she still smiles, at times.

My room mate and I would appreciate what you all might think and suggest that we do. I do know that I also have my own health to worry about as well.

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Comment Thinking of you, Farrah & mom...and you'll continue to be in my prayers!

Tue Jan 24, 2006 8:08 pm MST by Jo (from Dogster)

Comment Fight Farrah! We are sending prayers your way!!

Mon Jan 23, 2006 5:00 pm MST by Bari

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