Farrah's Vet Visit 

Farrah's Vet Visit

Her tumor grew. The cancer spread to the lymph node and is growing. Her vet couldn't tell whether it was in the abdomen or pressing on it as it grows, but her abdomen is a little firm. Her heartbeat and pulse are great though. Farrah has been put on a prescription diet. I don't remember if it was Science Diet or the other one, but it's the I/D diet. She can only eat soft food. She can't eat hard food anymore or soft food with chunks of meant in it (she loved her Pedigree). The vet only gave her a few more months to live, so yes, we are nearing the end.

I expected it to grow, but this is hitting me now as I type this. We're just going day by day now, enjoying the "bonus days" that we have with her.

This can't be happening. This can't be happening. Not this way.

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