Farrah - Another Bad Weekend 

Farrah - Another Bad Weekend

This has been a tough weekend for my baby girl. She doesn't want to eat her own prescription diet, but would rather eat mine and her Auntie's human food.

She's lying around a lot and sleeps alot, but yet, still wants to go for her walks. Her joints could be bothering her, because it is cold here. Extremely cold outside. She's also been a little meaner these past couple of days. We're not putting down just because of that. We haven't even decided that yet.

I mean, when us humans because sick or are stiff and sore and just don't want to be bothered, we tend to get mean as well. She's not biting anybody, but she growls at Gypsy and sometimes jumps at him. She may nip at his neck, but doesn't bite. We're watching her though. She may rebound and be her loving self in a few days.

It's just been emotionally draining and every day that we have with her, we are treasuring, but we're really not sure how much longer she can hold out. I hate these times. I really do. It's just not fair. I mean, she could be milking it, but I don't know. She goes back to hervet for another visit on the 24th, unless she takes a turn for the worse. I just want to thank everyone on dogster for their strong support. It's been hard and while we are still fighting, it's getting harder.

Jo, Farrah and gang

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